WP6: Technical update EMODnet biological portal & link with other portals | Emodnet Biology

WP6: Technical update EMODnet biological portal & link with other portals

Lead: VLIZ


The objectives of WP6 is to further develop and maintain the EMODnet biological portal and portal services and to make the data, metadata and data products that are created and mobilized during the project available through the biological portal. The metadata and data products available from the portal will also be made available through the EMODnet central entry-point portal. By building the data infrastructure on which the data portal operates on open web services, the EMODnet biology data portal allows machine to machine connections. The EMODnet portal will be maintained throughout the duration of the project and the users, usability and effectiveness of the portal will be monitored.


We will build further upon the data portal that was developed during the pilot and second phase project of EMODnet biology. A set of new functionalities will be included, meeting the requirements described in this tender and discussed in detail under the portal components. The portal will give access to different data, metadata and data products and, depending on the database system and database technology used, different possibilities of linking with the EMODnet portal will be set up to provide access to different data and metadata.


Methodology & Activities


1. Development of a web portal allowing users to find, visualise and download data and data products


The EMODnet Biological Data portal will further build upon the developments of the previous EMODnet portal. Based on a detailed user analysis and functional analysis of the current EMODnet dataportal, where the user-friendliness of web portal was a central element, a new concept that differentiates more between data – unprocessed raw observations or measurements-  and data products derived from the data has been formulated. The data component should focus on its easy and intuitive downloading, while the focus of the data products component focuses on a good visualization, a better overview of existing data and a quick understanding of the data (Figure 6)..


2. Develop procedures for machine-to-machine connections to data, metadata and data products

By the development of opensource, internationally recognized web services, the EMODnet biology data portal will enhance machine to machine communications, therefore allowing the development of Application Programme Interfaces (API) that make use of the data resources, and the developments of applications running on other machines including computers and smartphones.



D6.1 Portal operational (Month 3)

D6.2: Maintenance of Portal (M3-M24)





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