WP1: Coordination | Emodnet Biology

WP1: Coordination


Lead: VLIZ

+          Coordination Board (WP leaders- HCMR, MBA, U Sheffield)


WP1 will focus on managing the project in order for all the deliverables and objectives to be met according to the timelines defined in the tender and also in the previous section. Clear communication and a structured approach are key aspects to the successful implementation of what is proposed in this document. The tasks addressed in this Work Package are:

Task 5: Contributing content to dedicated spaces in Central Portal

Task 8: Monitor quality/performance and deal with user feedback


Methodology & activities

The activities will be performed by the project leader, VLIZ, with the support of the Coordination Board (HCMR, University of Sheffield and MBA) and will be performed throughout the project’s life (24 months).

The main activities include:

  1. General project coordination and supervision
  2. Budget Management
  3. Responsibility to deliver the reporting deliverables to the Commission
  4. Organisation of project meetings
  5. Liaise with external organisations on behalf of the project consortium
  6. Operate the helpdesk

Some of the activities mentioned above require a joint approach with the other Work Packages, in general terms, the project coordinator is responsible for:

  • Act as the intermediary between the consortium and the European Commission.
  • Ensure appropriate communication and, where viable, collaboration between the consortium and the remaining lots
  • Organise project meetings
  • Chair the Coordination Board meetings
  • Participate in the EMODnet Steering Committee and EMODnet Technical Coordination Group meetings
  • Participate, on behalf of the consortium, in events (workshops, webinars, discussion groups, etc.) relevant to the project
  • Liaise with the EMODnet Secretariat on behalf of the consortium

Output (Deliverables)

D1.1: Maintenance of operational Helpdesk service with contact details published online (M0-M6)

D1.2: Quarterly progress reports (M3-M24)

D1.3: Interim report (M12)

D1.4: Final report (M24)

D1.5: Attend the Steering Committee and Technical Working Group meetings (M0-M24)



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