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Invasive species in the Baltic Sea


This data product shows the temporal trend of invasive species Marenzelleria in the Baltic Sea by integrating 3 national monitoring datasets

Data series

The worm Marenzelleria is known to be invasive in the Baltic Sea and as such monitored as part of the Descriptor 2, non indigenous species of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). This data product integrates three benthic monitoring datasets from the Baltic Sea - Sweden (SMHI), Finland (SYKE) and Denmark (Aarhus University). These three national benthic monitoring datasets are available through EMODnet Biology:


Data Product

Three species of the Marenzelleria polychaete worms have established throughout the entire Baltic sea area, but as they are difficult to distinguish the product was created on a genus level. This animated gridded abundance map shows how the species invaded the Baltic Sea from Danish waters in the 1990s and became abundant throughout the whole region. This animation shows that probably multiple invasions occurred at the same time. The product was developed with DIVA (Data-Interpolating Variational Analysis) and shows the log-transformed abundance.


The World Register of Introduced Marine Species (WRIMS)

In trying to register all introduced and invasive marine species from the world, the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) set up the World Register of Introduced Marine Species (WRIMS) in collaboration with EMODnet Biology. This register lists all introduced marine species per regional sea area. For example you can browse the register and find a list of all introduced marine species in the Baltic Sea at:


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