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EMODnet Biology IV (2021-2023)


  • Deliverable 1.1: Help desk operational and contact details published online

  • Deliverable 1.2: Quarterly progress reports

  • Deliverable 1.3: First interim report after phase

  • Deliverable 1.4: Final report

  • Deliverable 1.5: Attend Steering Committee and Technical Working Group meetings

  • Deliverable 2.1: Inventory of possible historical data resources within the consortium

  • Deliverable 2.2: Technical implementation of data flows for the new project partner

  • Deliverable 2.3: Report on efforts undertaken in rescuing historical data through citizen science

  • Deliverable 2.4: At least 3 linkages with initiatives outside of the original Consortium, resulting in extra data/information available via the Portal

  • Deliverable 2.5: Feasibility study for recognition of specific ecological traits and/or sampling devices/methodologies in text

  • Deliverable 2.6: Report on the standardisation and integration of the proposed new and updated datasets

  • Deliverable 3.1: Quarterly WP3 community calls; call leader or other nominated team member to produce summary report of each call for publication on EMODnet website

  • Deliverable 3.2: Annual intensive workshops, in person with online participation options

  • Deliverable 3.3: Publish R package to link EMODnet biology data with data from other EMODnet sources

  • Deliverable 3.4: Develop method to use Phase III presence-absence maps to display time series of distribution change

  • Deliverable 3.5: Produce position paper outlining questions that can be addressed using EMODnet data, together with remaining gaps, and strategies for filling these

  • Deliverable 3.6: Add/update data product metadata in the EMODnet Biology catalogue

  • Deliverable 4.1: Questionnaire to inform cross-lot product development

  • Deliverable 4.2: EMODnet Biology connectivity ‘map’ of projects, institutes, initiatives and networks to inform targeted engagement

  • Deliverable 4.3: EMODnet Biology participation in each of the RSCs to inform and advise of available data products and mechanisms to access and influence the development of data, products, tools and services

  • Deliverable 4.4: “Launch” of the European MBON node

  • Deliverable 4.5: Creation of engaging and informative use-cases for EMODnet Biology to illustrate uptake and utility of data products across a range of stakeholders across the quadruple helix of engagement

  • Deliverable 5.1: User portal operation and maintenance

  • Deliverable 5.2: Webservices operation and maintenance

  • Deliverable 5.3: Technology stack upgraded

  • Deliverable 5.4: Evaluation and implementation of bulk data transfer technologies


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EMODNet Biology III (2017-2019) 


EMODnet Biology II (2013-2016)



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