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Dear User, the EMODnet Biology portal will soon be integrated into our new EMODnet Central Portal, which will provide continued, open and free access to our data and information services with unique new features. By providing a Centralised EMODnet service, we aim to help you optimise your research and work.

You can preview our new unified content, document search facilities and unified data catalogue via the EMODnet Product Catalogue
The new and optimised common map viewer will be launched in November 2022.

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Questionnaire: How do you use marine data hosted in Flanders?

Unlocking European Marine Biodiversity Data

The EMODnet biology data portal provides free access to data on temporal and spatial distribution of marine species and species traits from all European regional seas. EMODnet Biology is part of the EU funded European Marine Observation and Data Network and is built upon the World Register of Marine Species and the European Ocean Biodiversity Information System.

Gridded abundance map of cod (Gadus morhua) using geospatial modelling. An animation of this data product shows the temporal evolution of cod abundances, illustrating the dramatic decrease of the stock in the North Sea
Biological traits and the ‘status’ of species for conservation, introduced or invasive, of fishery or aquaculture interest, harmful, or used as ecological indicator, are collected. This led to the World Register of Introduced Marine Species © 2010 Decleer
Free and easy access to 343, 415 distribution records of the northern fulmar (Fulmarus glacialis) and to distribution and abundance data of over 20,000 other European marine species
Over 670 biodiversity datasets are accessible, including large regional survey datasets, such as the North Sea Benthos Survey

The data portal provides a gateway to marine biodiversity data. It includes a search, selection, mapping and download function and is fully OGC compliant.

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You can access metadata descriptions of almost 1000 thematic biological databases through the data catalogue, including national marine biological monitoring datasets, scientific field surveys and experiments and data collection studies. Datasets cover marine species of phytoplankton, zooplankton, angiosperms, macro-algae, invertebrate bottom fauna, birds, mammals and fish.

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EMODnet is a long term marine data initiative spanning seven broad disciplinary themes:  bathymetry, geology, physics, chemistry, biology, seafloor habitats and human activities. The EMODnet Central Portal allows users to access data products from each of these lots under one single interface.


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