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A set of biological data and data analysis workshops are organised within the framework of the EMODNet biological lot.


  • Biological and Ecological Traits of marine species Workshop (17 June 2016, Ostend, Belgium): a follow up workshop to (1) present the latest activities that have been achieved since last workshop (2) discuss the presentation and launch and of the website and (3) further discuss and identify scientific use cases including workflows that combine trait, taxonomic and biogeographic data including workflow applications built on the LifeWatch VRE (E-Infrastructure).




  • Species Traits Vocabulary Workshop (12-13 February 2014, Paris, France): The aim of the meeting is to engage key specialists in the development of a biological traits vocabulary that can be applied across the range of species in the WoRMS (Aphia) database





  • Workshop WP5 on the production of gridded abundance maps (23-24 January 2014, Yrzeke, NIOZ, The Netherlands): On the agenda we was the progress in constructing gridded maps of example species (Calanus, Gadus morhua, Amphiura filiformis, Marenzelleria, Mnemiopsis), look into the technical issues relted to DIVA, implementation and automatisation of gridding procedures and the priorities and planning for coming half year and beyond.

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  • Species attributes workshop (13 December 2012,): A one day workshop. Purpose: (1) discuss a standardized vocabulary (2) discuss and prioritize the biological attribute and trait information and (3)  implement a data grant system. The meeting is organised back to back with a WoRMS Scientific Board Meeting, which takes place 12 December 2012





  • Biological Data Analysis Workshop (25-27 October 2011): a three-day Biological Data Analysis Workshop was organised in Krete, Greece, the 25-27 of October 2011. The aim of the workshop was to work out outcomes (1) species distribution maps and trends and (2) biodiversity indices from the previous data products workshops.

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  • Biological Data Products Workshop (25-26 February 2010): a two-day Biological Data Products workshop was organised in  Ostend, the 25-26 of February 2010. The aim of the workshop was to 1) discuss the marine biological (monitoring) data availability in Europe and gaps and 2) to define a set of derived data products (a.o. target species maps) relevant for private bodies, public authorities and researchers.

    The workshop was attended by 56 participants including representatives from DG MARE, DG Research, OSPAR, ICES, HELCOM, Black Sea Commission, coordinators of the other lots, project partners and advisory board, representatives from the MODEG group, marine biology, ecology and data management experts and from Greece, France, UK, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, US, New Zealand.

Agenda and presentations

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Workshop report

This workshop resulted in a set of key-recommendations that will be implemented in the further development of the preparatory action for biological data. Based on the identification of relevant data products during this workshop, targeted data analysis workshops will be organised in the second and third year of the project.